Friday, 9 June 2017

Always and Forever - Sian O'Gorman

Title - Always and Forever
Author - Sian O'Gorman
Genre - Adult > Romance
Format - Kindle
My Copy - E-Arc Netgalley
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How can you find yourself again, when you can’t face what you’ve lost?
Joanna Woulfe is looking to get her life back on track after her husband John leaves their family home. Once a high-flying PR Director, Jo now looks after her son Harry and seeks support only from her mother Marietta and her best friend Nicole. But Nicole’s own marriage is facing its greatest ever crisis, and Marietta, too, is distracted by the reappearance of an old flame, ex-Showband-singer and lothario Patrick Realta.
Soon Jo enrols with a colourful local amateur dramatics group and begins a flirtation with the handsome young Ronan Forest. But is she really ready to move on from her old life – and from her years of marriage to John? And what was it that happened three years ago that sent the couple into free-fall?
Before long Jo will realise that is only by looking back that she will ever truly be able to move forward...
The first thing that drew me in was the cover, i was scrolling through Netgalley and found this then i read the synopsis and it drew me in even further. I have been in a reading slump for well over a year now and i am very late getting this review up. 
Always and Forever was a wonderful feel good, bittersweet novel and one i fell very deeply in love with. It reminded me of Cecilia Ahern's novels and so i will say if you love her books you will most certainly love this one as well. 
The main character Jo went on such a journey throughout this book and you feel yourself rooting for her because she is one of those underdog characters, one that every reader seems to love. 
I don't want to say too much about the love interest or interest's what ever way you want to put it because i feel that that would spoil a lot of the novel. and i don't want that because it was wonderful to read it without knowing what was going to happen, but i will say it is wonderfully written and dealt with in a excellent way. 
If you love chick lit, and romance i really suggest this book it is charming and a wonderful book to curl up with on a rainy Sunday afternoon, and i really want to read more from this author and i suspect you will too.
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